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Divi Layouts are Pre-made page builder templates for the Divi WordPress Theme

What is Divi?

Divi is the hugely popular #1 selling WordPress Theme developed by Elegant Themes,

Since Divi was released in 2013 this drag and drop website builder has been constantly growing in both popularity and quality with Elegant Themes membership level now sitting above 500,000 with well over 1,000,000 Divi websites. Elegant Themes are constantly pushing forward with new and improved theme features that make Divi the go to WordPress Theme for everyone from total beginners to experienced web designers alike.

The Divi community has also exploded over the past years, with many 10,000+ Facebook groups and an army of Divi developers using the theme to create sites for clients and creating 3rd party Divi products for the community, including layouts.

What are Divi layouts?

Divi Layouts are Divi modules, rows, sections and pages that can be loaded directly into your Divi website from the Divi builder or from the Divi library and are a core part of the way that the Divi WordPress theme functions. By using layouts you can save website development time and be able to create beautiful websites without having to design or code anything.

You will need to have the Divi Theme, or the Divi plugin, running on an installation of WordPress to be able to use these Divi layouts as the system is unique to the theme.

Who designs Divi layouts?

Divi Layouts are created by both Elegant Themes and 3rd party designers. Elegant Themes layouts ship with the Divi Theme itself and are free to use as you like. 3rd party layouts are both free and paid depending on the developer and complexity of the layout.

Free Divi layouts from Elegant Themes

Divi ships with pre-loaded multi-page layout packs that have been  designed by the team at Elegant Themes. These are 100% free and can be used for your own or client websites without restriction. These layout packs include royalty free stock images taken by the staff photographer that are again free to use for any purpose.

The Elegant Themes free layouts  no longer need to be downloaded and imported as they are accessible directly from within your Divi builder and visual builder. At the time of writing (July 2018) there are 50 Layout Packs (386 Total Layouts) available with 2 new 100% free layout packs being being added each and every week!

Divi layouts from 3rd party developers

On top of the large number of layout templates that are included with the Divi theme, there are a lot of free and paid layouts and layout packs created by 3rd party Divi designers.

These layouts generally have to be downloaded from the developers site, imported into your Divi library and then you can load them into your Divi page page. Some developers offer a plugin solution that adds their layouts directly into the Divi builder for easy deployment.

These layouts range from module bundles up to multi-page layout packs. Most will have customization from the Divi builder settings and/or custom CSS code to for various effects not available in the builder settings.

divi theme pre-made layouts
premium divi layouts

How do I use Divi layouts?

The 2 main ways you can use Divi layouts is to load the free pre-installed layouts directly from the Divi visual builder or to import .json files into your Divi library and load into your pages from there.

How to use Divi layouts via your Divi builder

To use the Divi layouts that come pre-populated in the Divi theme you will need to follow the following steps;

  1. Create a new page and click on the purple button to use the Divi builder
  2. Click on purple load layout button
  3. Browse layouts to find the one you want
  4. Click on the green use this layout button
  5. Your layout is now loaded!

How to use Divi layouts via your Divi library

To use the Divi layouts using a .JSON file in your Divi library you will need to follow the following steps;

  1. Go to Divi > Divi library
  2. Click on the import/export button
  3. Click on the import tab
  4. Browse to choose your .JSON file and import to library
  5. Your layout is now available to load via the your saved layouts tab within a page
divi premade layout templates
divi layout library import

Where can I find all the best Divi layouts?

With so many layouts and layout packs available for Divi it can be hard to keep track of what’s available. The good news is that there are a few resources that have regularly updated listings that you can browse, search and preview of all the various layouts available. The best place to start is the Divi Layouts Directory which is updated daily as new layouts are released into the Divi community.

elegant themes Divi layouts

Elegant Themes are the developers of the Divi Thee and the free Divi layouts packs that can be loaded from the Divi lirary. If you want to view only the free Divi layouts from Elegant Themes you can preview them all on the Elegant Themes website

These layouts listed on the Elegant Themes layout page are all available directly in the Divi builder. Not all layouts and layout packs from Elegant Themes (the older ones) are availabble in the builder, but they are all listed in the Divi layouts directoy in the Elegant Themes layout category.

Get Divi with an Elegant Themes membership Discount

Divi is included as part of the Elegant Themes membership which costs either $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime membership. Use the button below (affiliate links)  to get a discount on your Elegant Themes membership.

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